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Our final day ah stupid locking up. I have never seen a kiwi muffin in my life it’s interesting.

But tonight there’s gonna be a big party right here, and it’s sponsored by district, and there’s going to be all sorts of DJs, and musics, and fist-bumps our stay here has been amazing we actually that’s probably in the top three of my favorite rooms. I’ve ever stayed. And I love how bright it was it was modern it was simple.

I liked it a lot today we’re going to three five seven for Kai, and we’ll be staying there for the next two nights, and today we’re going to party hey can. I just take a snap throw that you talking just packing up my bag here. So you can see you have to put the drone upside down Manfrotto.

I like it goodbye district time, and check out all the employees are so kind, and their way of paying respect to people staying here is they go like this like maybe maybe two other hands like this. I asked the other day what it meant.

I guess it’s in a Filipino culture it’s a way of showing sincerity. But when I cuz it’s called the district it made me think of Hunger Games you know when they go, and they did a little whistling thing.

Map of Boracay Photo Gallery

But has nothing to do with the Hunger Games to shame on the road again oh. I can’t wait to get back on the road again even in Boracay you have the golden arches it’s crazy how tight the roads are thank you Thank You district here is our transfer you sure you don’t need help with that you’re very strong, and then there’s Abby with our umbrella. So right now we’re just walking down a side street going two three five seven Boracay, and that’s where we’ll be staying the national sport in the Philippines despite their height is basketball when.

I was in Manila. I was talking with Dave one of the managers at the Sofitel, and he was telling me that the Filipinos just go crazy over the NBA, and they love LeBron they love there’s only like a couple half Filipino people who are in the NBA, and one of them is on the Lakers. So they love at the Lakers professional photography on the beach via Boracay bikini babe here’s the number if you’re interested it really doesn’t matter what section you’re on you get beautiful palm trees white sand, and some of the bluest water.

I’ve seen hello nice to meet you Powell a necklace, and what looks like a delicious drink what kind of drink is that nice slushy iced tea okay. So you can come out to these areas for Wi-Fi movie made this Wow thank you hey guys it’s me again. So bring it right now you just ordered some food Christian doesn’t need to be in this long.

But you guys keep commenting that the logs aren’t the same without being. So it’s like thanks for those of you here saying that. I’m appreciated um sorry guys some random just stole my camera just kidding never she’s like upset if they just kittens, and she can’t be mad anymore kittens are cute.

I was just walking back to the room. And I noticed someone’s on the bulletin board Abby Reed & Co being me this place is awesome it’s really like a cozy homey feel feel like. I met like a nicely well-managed mom-and-pop shop my favorite thing about having more money when traveling is AC.

I remember when Abby. And I were like the most budget backpackers ever last time we were traveling, and everywhere we went we pretty much just had fans in the room, and it’s it’s manageable. But it’s not comfortable right this one we have a swan down there like at first we saw it really okay cool this is beautiful okay.

But then you look closely, and each of these petals is individually placed each of these crumples, and wrinkles strategically managed Wow. I got my supplies in my bag we’re going to fly the drone, and capture some Boracay moments. I actually plan to wear this every day all right time to put the flying turkey into the atmosphere the massive success on that last flight.

Because the drones not in the ocean every time it doesn’t go in the ocean that’s a massive success one of the little Chinese boys over there kept trying to grab it, and he like didn’t speak any English, and Lars like no you can’t play with that it’s trying to grab the drill gravity yeah, and then he touched my girlfriend search fighting we gotta fight this is my favorite part of the beach. So far it’s just way more relaxed down here like our resort is right behind us right there we have access to Wi-Fi Oh market yachts for Beach, and Wi-Fi. So I have a SIM card set up with smart.

And I’ve not been that impressed. I honestly have not had that many areas where. I’ve been able to use the 3G properly half the time it’s either snail speed or just not working at all, and in Boracay it’s basically a giant dead zone even though it claims it’s on 3G.

So I’m not sure what that’s about but. I’m here relaxing brainstorming thinking of big ideas came up with the next big thing stream drone dropping no. I need a better name for stream drone parking.

So basically you, and a competitor fly your drones, and you set a parking point. So for example landing that lady over there you could say okay park your drone on top of her, and whoever parks the drone there the longest wins. So for example you’d stop the engines you go one-mississippi two-mississippi three-mississippi then you have to get out of there before she woke up, and the person who stays there the longest wins you could say your landing point to a boat be like first one to land on the boat, and back wins.

I just need someone to compete with. I lost drone heroes he’s in Korea right now guys were spoiled we got too many of these sunsets honestly every sunset seems like the best one but. I’m in the middle of editing an amazing blog.

I can’t put my computer way just yet. I love being a daily blogger it has given me so much flexibility in where.

I work from, and honestly. I couldn’t ask for a more fun job. But it’s definitely a difficult one of times like right now.

I would like to just be hanging out not worrying about getting my next post up. But that’s what, I’ll be doing until this post is done. So I probably have another half an hour.

Because I want to color grid this one it’s a really awesome post. I’m gonna link it below Abby. And I rushed to catch the sunset.

But it’s kind of gone it’s still sort of there right in my name wait where who the sarcasm Castle oh um maybe tomorrow yeah only pinkie gonna go back to our room soon yeah. I know just oh yeah we’re here for a few more days. But we’re gonna go tonight for the party well good luck thank you.

I’m gonna no not tonight thank you tomorrow maybe not Amelia. I don’t remember the days brown food they look for minute yes. I’m like that.

I think yes that what to me Christian mission yeah nice to meet you you. I’m Abby Abby Abby Nora very nice to meet you made a brothers humor Oh get your Dave yeah, and jhummer have a good idea put her there Dave see you Jimmer have a good night young entrepreneurs yeah 24 hours we don’t even know what they were trying to sell us. But they were good at it yeah.

I like Dave. I really like him he’s like where you say don’t were like we’re not quite Elio Dave we’re like over there we’re not a single thing. I have probably spent close to five hours on this blog again you have to watch it it’s worth it.

I’ve used this as a bit of a learning block like everything. I’ve done as far as photography postgraphy it’s all self-taught, and basically. I just learn by doing there’s no better way to get good at something than doing it time, and time again every now, and then someone pays me a compliment on how.

I edit my posts, and it’s funny. Because if you watch my old posts they were just the most basic bare-bones posts. I only got to where.

I am today because. I’ve done it. So many times.

And Because I like to do it what. I’m trying to say is you don’t have to be naturally skilled at something to get good at it if you like something enough you will do it time, and time again, and you will get good oh she’s back in the room it’s 8:30 right now. And I’m just exporting my file it’s not.

I’m going to be uploaded tonight which is really annoying but. I’ve been working on this way too long now. But it’s really good.

I’m really happy with this blog. But it’s one blog. And I need to put up one every day.

So it’s like oh my gosh. I have any search tomorrow’s blogs like a real job like having a real job except. I’m in a beautiful place where there’s a massive party going on it’s simply with a beautifully it’s labora car.

So it’s pretty much like the full moon party. But a Boracay, and there’s big concerts big parties there’s promoters coming around earlier today we need to get out of this room, and not be a old couple that just goes to bed. I know it does sound nice inner me wants to stay here, and just edit all night.

But outer me is like. I need to go explore a bad news for you guys we’re staying in tonight yeah well. I don’t really want to either cuz.

I just have so much editing pressure. So we’re gonna stay in tonight do a lot of work.

So that tomorrow can be crazy fun we’re just having dinner right now at 3:57 Boracay, and we’re loving it we’re absolutely loving this hotel. So far there’s these two dogs over there, and they keep trying to come into the restaurant here, and they have the owners chasing them out it’s so funny waiting for him to drop his guard.

I’m going to bed. I got a lot of work to do. And I’m gonna get up early in the morning to do it all no Wi-Fi in the rooms unfortunately you have to go in the hallway.

And I’m not going to sit in the hallway at the moment tomorrow Abby. And I are actually gonna go out for the Boracay, and we’re gonna party a little bit, I’ll bring my camera you guys will see it in the meantime we’re gonna be old people time to go to bed have a good night guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow not a backpacker price range. But if you come during low season that was a premier room as well that was summers.

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