We’re heading out to cook food about a 45-minute fast boat to get there water even claimed it’s so blue welcome to paradise Cup how are you.

I’m great. So cool. We’ve just arrived this water bloody car how are you thank you how was it junkie oh it was easy very easy to get here we have just arrived what is probably Thailand’s most high-end most incredible getaway this here is so neiva resort. We’ve just been dropped off by our speed boat, and the water here is a different kind of blue like a blue that. I’ve only seen a couple times in my life, and feels good to be here good to be back in the islands as you guys know that’s where.

I love to be the most. I mean. I get the most joy out of making posts in these environments, and this is it how are you today good true we have our oppress in the buggy that we could drive around same as the villain number with buggy number 10 this here is a Kirby the hit Kirby ferret good afternoon ladies, and gentlemen please let me show you the most beautiful resort in all of Thailand, and maybe the world let’s check it out each of the villas have their own private golf cart.

Because this entire island is huge there’s a lot of space to cover. And So is our villa. So let’s check it out to start off you got to come down this incredible walkway through the bamboo gate.

So into this beautiful tropical courtyard you have an immense amount of living space we have a beautiful family room where you can entertain unfortunately we don’t know anyone on the island. So there’s not going to be a lot of entertaining going on just down here this is the coolest thing out here you just have this incredibly huge couch again for educating which we don’t plan to do come on down, and the same thing goes for here if you feel like sitting on a couch in the Sun why don’t you come on over here what ice extremely hot. So I’m not going to lay here too long one of the policies at the resort here it’s called no news no shoes, and the idea is you’re supposed to completely disconnect from the outside world, and you’re supposed to take your shoes off now today is a bit of an exception you might not want to go with this rule today.


Because it is quite hot, and it could be hard on your feet. But as you can see for yourself this here is our pool. So the pool wraps around the entire villa it goes from end to end you could literally swim lengths here in the morning get your workout for the day in, and what’s even more interesting is that just down there we have our own private slice of the beach right here you have an outdoor shower it’s literally like one of four in this entire villa there’s showers everywhere come on down Sonia this right here is a stairway to have it, and it’s going downhill yeah well you go back up to heaven this is insane like.

I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life never did. I ever think I’d be staying in something like this wow it looks. So cool this is like where like the Prince of Saudi Arabia probably chills.

So the water coming in was easily the clearest. I’ve ever seen probably only seen water at that clarity maybe once or twice in my life my heart’s just something right now right over there is where we came in. But majority of the people actually come in using the airstrip.

So there’s a separate island. I can’t remember the name of it. But it’s just off over there it’s about a five-minute boat ride away.

So people will actually take in like these 8 seater planes the land on that island, and then the resort will go pick them up using their motorboat we’re going to go for a swim in a little bit. But first let’s show you the pride, and joy the room of the villa. So actually one thing.

I want to show you before going into the room is the entire spa area in the back. So let’s check that out side entrance each of the villas includes this incredible area check this out you’ve got a his-and-her washing station you got an incredible saw station right here, and a massive soaker tub like built into the land this is like the definition of escaping in nature, and keeping it luxurious up a couple stairs you’ve got this recliner in case the other recliners weren’t enough, and then you’ve got an outside shower here to complement a somewhat inside outside shower here. Because there’s no door, and it’s open.

So let’s go through here now this is coming into the back of our Villa green here got this like grand sliding door everything looks super H is bringing together like beautiful detailing with like an aged rustic look here you go this incredible clear slot basin Wow now for the pride, and joy the actual villa itself. So come across this incredible little wooden glass bridge in through the front door, and this is what you get they actually give each Villa their own telephone. So that you can call your own assistant there’s a lady who kindly showed us then, and anytime we have anything if we’re you know lost or we have questions we just call her at any time of the day.

So going back to the policy no news no shoes they don’t have cable television they don’t have anything like that. But what they do have is this under this chest you’ve got television that you can watch TV from bed, and they have a big collection of DVDs you can borrow them to watch movies in bed that’s pretty cool it’s such a big tour oh my god like normally these hotel ring towards they’re done within like 10 seconds not this one. So this is the final room this is the bathroom you’ve got a little you know makeup station you’ve got room to hang your clothing the laundry that pretty much concludes our tour of.

So never resort here in Kokua Thailand just. I don’t know like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to be here right now, and share it with you oh my gosh like we’re here for three nights going to test out the no shoes policy we’re about to leave the villa here. And I could use a fat pizza probably takes like five minutes to drive from our Villa all the way to the front.

So we’re digging our private little golf cart by the way. I Drive we’ll get there in a minute recording this is our dining room setup just unbelievable dish. So while you’re waiting for your food to arrive we can take a quick dip in the surrounding pool oh this is paradise we have found paradise we’re not in Marysville anymore.

So I just ordered this drink here it’s like apple celery. And I think it was another vegetable in there, and on the menu it’s like prevents cancer. I don’t know how much research has been done on that but.

I’m going to start downing these, and should live a long, and prosperous life. I got exactly what. I wanted.

I got some pizza. And I’m bringing the Thai culture on to it. So there’s some like fried chicken kind of thing going on with some peppers.

I just asked where the extra trailers turns out it’s right here oh my gosh my god what kind of ice cream do we have you’ve got this sorbents is it is urban to work this is a huge menu of ice creams sorbets, and back here what do we got it’s a sanctuary of chocolate mousse nice, and cool in here all my picks anything you want how is this real this is like heaven you’re literally inside a cooler of the best ice creams, and chocolates in the world we won’t even need the boat home will just float Abby’s like a chipmunk going into survival instincts the winter is coming thank you very much you should try is called a splinter slide you just fly it on down then you spend the next two days picking splinters out of your butt. So I honestly don’t know what they could add to improve this place. But can you think of anything – hounds if there was like a – hound farm that just let the – hounds roam freely that would be the only thing.

But other than that this place is pretty much like the top of the top the top. I don’t know like there’s nothing else. I could add don’t try this at home kids they’re a party to it you guys are out there gonna really well break in free what’s all amen it’s a drag this is gold black gold.

So the lady who checked us in her name is Miss Friday her actual name. I believe was a Sal she is going to be taking us to our dinner spot tonight which is at the view. I believe that’s the name of the restaurant it has now been over 24 hours since the release of my Thailand post guide.

And I am blown away you guys are just. So supportive in every single way. I’ve got an incredible feedback from you guys.

And I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the guide. So there’s been storm clouds on the horizon for a little while now, and it looks like it’s finally making its way over to us that right there is where you can come, and watch movies Oh Mike ha ha the way look at the sunset we just caught it.

So this is the view that’s the name of the restaurant you can see why that’s the view where you come, and watch sunset, I’ll do David it’s been. So good we got some Sun, and we haven’t gotten that since we got to Thailand, and this is the color. I’ve never seen cutlery quite like this.

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