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I can’t stand the brutal heat, and that is why I was open to the idea of traveling to Glendale in the winter time. I figured it would be warmer than our single digits where I come from. At the same time, it wouldn’t be muggy like some of the other warm areas such as Florida. I also found that hotels and rental cars are cheap in Arizona. It isn’t the targeted tourist area like some of the other locations out there.

We were able to plan a great week in Arizona around the Glendale area. We caught a concert at an outdoor venue that was free. I have never been able to be outdoors in the afternoon in the winter for a concert. It was so much fun. We went to various food locations, and while nothing really stood out as amazing, it was all good and nothing to complain about.

I love hiking, and there were plenty of areas around Glendale where we got to enjoy it. Being outdoors to enjoy the amazing scenery was a great value to me. I took plenty of panoramic photos too that I plan to print and to display in my home when I return. I have never seen more lovely sunrises and sunsets either than around this area.

The last day we were in Glendale, it was getting cooler and it was foggy. I was a bit disappointed with that. However, since we were headed to the airport that day, it didn’t matter too much. I was just glad that the time we spent there was warm and inviting. I would certainly tell others to go to Arizona in the winter. You won’t catch me in this dry desert location in the brutal summer when temperatures can soar to triple digits!

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