Last night we bought an explorative it got a couple drinks, and then we found this really cool Japanese restaurant. And I went in there, and at first you could kind of feel like they didn’t want us there.

Because I think Katie said it could have been they were embarrassed they didn’t know English well or it could have been the fact that we were foreigners, and they didn’t walk to feed foreigners. I’m not sure. But ever all the customers were like.

So nice, and like telling us to come in. So we all sat down, and got some food, and like it seemed a bit hostile at first. I don’t know why.

But eventually they warmed up to us. Because we were being very nice, and like socializing with all the Japanese people. So I’m not sure if it was just like a wall it had to be broken down.

But eventually they’re really nice, and then at the end of the night they’re like okay we’ll see you tomorrow. So I guess we’re gonna go back there again cuz the food was amazing it’s like deep-fried cheese, and like roast beef deep-fried chicken deep-fried everything it’s so good, and then the sake is my favorite part sakis the drinks they have here, and it’s their version of a wine.

But it’s very strong it’s like 20% or 25%, and it’s actually rice wine. So it’s made of rice, and it can be drank hot or cold, and last night we were drinking your clot with our meal, and it’s like it’s strong. But it’s not.

So strong that you can’t drink it on its own, and yeah it makes for a good night oh there there here is the outside of our hotel like a really nice part of Kyoto quite quiet actually. But very beautiful super spacious, and like all of Japan. So far extremely clean.

Because today’s supposed to be about 30 degrees that’s our hotel there across the street from it is the Kyoto Tower which it’s pretty tall not crazy no no some big cat these are the biggest cats. I’ve ever seen see you guys later free lessons for all you viewers for you however it’s not the building itself that addresses what it contains oh we just arrived at one of the tourist sites here, and like a huge amount of bosses just dropped off like dozens, and dozens of tourists. So we don’t even know if we want to go in it anymore not to mention we don’t really care that much about what’s in there Abby.

And I at least, and we’re gonna skip the site, and just across the street is the Kyoto Kyoto National Museum fascinating we sincerely hope that you enjoyed viewing the masterpieces of fine art. I’m sold only in Japan can you actually select with a university student or just a regular fare. Because university students are half-price.


But there’s no one verifying it. But Japanese people just have such a huge trust system. Because they actually have like respect but.

I’m actually university student kind of. So this is how I would a picture like Hiroshima like the ghost town.

So we ripped through the museum we saw everything in like 15 minutes which was a little too long for me oh my gosh there’s so much room in here come on guys no Abby Joe John ballet studio, and point the toe oh my gosh. So we just finished the museum in lightning-quick time what.

I learned from our time there is that you cannot take pictures in the museum that’s all. I learned yeah they have like an earthquake machine that tells you how much the land is moving while you’re in there which is kind of cool Lauren. I had a change of plans we have abandoned marking Katie mark occator going on like a shrine tour.

And So we were like no way Jose. And So instead we went to a gas station we went got some chicken nuggets, and iced coffee today’s blog is brought to you by silky boss silky boss the only way, and we’re gonna go back to the hotel Abby needs help the filming school some of our posts relax. I’m kind of done with the sightseeing.

I think. I’ve said this a few times now but I do not feel like city temples there’s.

So many like yeah. I’m on we’re gonna go enjoy our nice hotel room, and air conditioning we are back in the refuge of our hotel room listening to music doing a tiny bit of editing, and helping this one film which is why she’s all done up the first time. I’ve seen her done up in like forever all right elevator has a chair my reservation look.

I’m sitting in another come on in awkwardly. We’ve got three more floors to go in effect grab a seat oh my gosh. I need that he’s got like a scooter built into his luggage key imagine backpackers at that we can move ground.

So quick. I could just amazing. I’m gonna invented in Japanese culture to show respect to do a bow, and like sometimes we’ll do a little bow sometimes we’ll do a really deep bow like full fold like 90-degree angle.

But what’s interesting is that you’ll you’ll reciprocate. So you’ll bow back to them. But if they see you as a respect.

So if they respect you more than. I guess necessarily you respect them they’ll continue to bow. And So you’ll often see in Japan one person will bow, and then the other person will bow, and then the other person will bow a bow back until fun was to sell out until finally someone stops.

So let’s say you were with your boss you would make sure you were the last about. Because you respect him, and he’s a figure of authority. And So we we were walking past.

I guess like one of the concierge people in the hallway, and they literally like full bend at the hips like complete bow, and he just waited for us to pass like full fold like it was it’s really really nice like it’s a bit awkward. Because you don’t want them to do that to you like you don’t feel that knee prayer respect yeah. I feel bad too it’s like.

I don’t need that kind of respect like. I know simple a simple nod is enough free not even a nod just a Hello is nice. And So it’s very interesting when you’ve especially when.

We’ve been backpacking in places where. We’ve been not respected at all in fact have been utterly disrespected, and then you come here where Japan has so much respect for for everyone really it’s crazy.

But it’s been really cool to see some of their culture they’re very different than a lot of the world but I think they have a lot of things that they do better than anywhere else in the world the place here is. So clean everyone’s.

So kind like very disciplined population you can tell that a lot of people take pride in everything they do whether it be you know working at the front desk oh of a hotel working at 7-eleven or a manufacturing for you know Lexus or Mazda whatever they’re doing everyone’s doing it really well. Because they take pride. And I think that makes the world of a difference really like Japan very happy to be here also.

I forgot to mention this one of the things. I love about Japan you can drink the tap water which is a first in all of Asia that. We’ve seen.

We’ve been like learned to. We’ve learned to like be. So scared of the water every time, and anytime we needed water in anywhere in Southeast Asia we’d have to buy it from you know a grocery store or corner store.

But now we can just drink it up top, and it’s so nice reminds me of home the mass crosswalk they stopped all traffic. So the pedestrians can walk in all directions oh god watch out running into the middle take someone else, and we have returned to the golden gates with welcoming arms Ronald McDonald’s joins us it’s crazy you come into a Japanese malls, and there’s just like sensory overload there’s signs there’s advertisements those numbers everywhere like well crammed one sign with like 50 sponsors look at we’re on TV they have a demo that just demonstrates the stabilization look they have the camera shaking, and this is what it looks like compared to non stabilized interesting it burns it burns you finally success what we came for the massage juice find the most expensive one the controls are in my hands it’s overwhelming.

I really don’t know what the press start with the power button. I assume, and 400 we’re reclining we’re moving back oh right then it’s magic there’s like an awkward piece in my bum right now. I just upgraded to the most expensive unit here it’s five five thousand five hundred dollars u.

S. But it feels good. So you have to try to stand on this thing oh my gosh get to try this on it’s weird oh.

I just fell Oh does the new electronic pulses it’s making you move your arms all right. So you flex oh my gosh look they advertise it you’re gonna lose all this fat only Japan. So they have these little things you can strap to your belly, and they like basically just send electrical pulses that’s supposed to work out your stomach.

I guess in this case you can actually see Lois trying it out, and you’ll see her flex every now, and then cuz it sends a pulse like tricks pulse through your skin, and makes your muscles tense like look at this post. I look. So unhealthy well an hour later it’s time to leave great time here at the Japanese electronics store but.

I think we’re getting some dirty looks oh my gosh Laurie look it’s a hair brush that vibrates why would you want that also one thing you notice with all the electronics, and pretty much anything in the malls here there’s so much more selection like at home there’s like maybe two three four companies to pick from at most. But here this selection of everything like hair brushes will be like 30 different kinds in the sauce chairs 30 different kinds like it’s created there’s way more selection way more variety of products.

I mean not necessarily always a good thing somebody’s product seemed pretty useless. But more selection Cristiano Ronaldo currently has branded this thing that looks like a penis, and basically you just roll it all over yourself oh it does pinch why it says it’s it’s hot – it’s got a heated tip, and it says it’s for active beauty for beauty. So I think maybe the idea is like it helps get blood in the skin.

I have no idea what the ideas but. I’m making a beautiful vim everywhere in Japan to all the restaurants still have their food all laid out in plastic form it’s kind of a cool way of showing their food especially for foreigners. Because like.

I don’t have to know what. I’m ordering. But at least.

I can see it in ahead of time. But it doesn’t look very appetizing. Because everything’s made of the plastic, and kind of looks a bit cheap that’s how they do it, and this is Kyoto it is getting a bit dark.

I think it’s probably about 6 p.m. by now since almost 7 sons getting ready to set, and tonight we’re gonna hit the community pubs clubs are allowed to stay open late.

But what isn’t allowed to happen is dancing. So anywhere that has dancing has to close by 1:00 p.m.

I don’t know if it’s to Kyoto or all of Japan. But that’s at least for Kyoto. I’m gonna grab some drinks from the Family Mart which is like a 7/11 my car D looks like he’s passed out he’s like Tino doesn’t pass out he’s constantly tripping.

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