Cowabunga dudes today’s the first day that. I’m actually doing a proper blog here in Whistler got my ski stuff ready to go we’re gonna hit the mountain right about me out what a process that was we had to rent our skis, and today is like the busiest day of the year one of them it actually isn’t really bad here on the lift which is great.

But at the rental shop that was another story we’re set up we got pro ski gear by accident they accidentally gave us the good stuff, and we’re heading up the mountains. I’m so excited.

I’m like really scared though. I remember. So like this is kind of why.

I left skiing when I was younger. I used to ski.

But then the snow boots just got. So uncomfortable. But now that.

I’m like old again not again. I don’t know word anymore cuz. I hate doing up your bindings every time.

So again it goes back to the footwear. I just. I started skiing when.

I was like seven. And I was forced to ski before. I was allowed to snowboard.

So you stopped skiing in year 7 no. I stopped skiing when I was like 12 alright Ranger danger.

And I are going up. So they got RFID things here you tap check me out we’ll be black on black guys. I’ve not skied in about ten years the last time.

I skied. I was probably 13 years old did you work at Domino’s. Because your pizzas are exquisite are you geometry major triangles are fantastic all right.

PERFECT WHISTLER ADVENTURE Snowstorm in Vancouver Photo Gallery

I still got it guys oh well. So I’m sure there’s gonna be some skiers out there who are gonna find this offensive, and you might not agree. But skiing is easier to pick up at least in my opinion it’s easier for a first-time beginner you kind of just stand on, and you can kind of get a natural feeling wear snowboarding you’re like strapped sideways for me that was kind of awkward.

I had two days of just falling over my butt was. So sore this excites me more than skiing, and snowboarding guys. I’m gonna be totally honest the conditions are like be honest like specially for at the end of the day got a lot colder the winds are picking up snow is picking up stop it’s just a quick safety now make sure you wear a helmet otherwise things could get grisly now if you’re ready to bear the consequences you can go ahead, and do whatever you want.

But honestly. I think it’d be a little bit unbearable for your parents to see you with an injury especially a head injury that was preventable prevent the bearable it’s really hard to be stylish, and like be on the mountain everyone looks like a giant blob like Michael Jackson now jump down jump down in ski boots look at that would you look at that nature only here at Whistler Blackcomb beautiful Sun probably about an hour away from setting it’s been hiding all day but. I’m glad it made an appearance better late than never look at that guys it’s all lit up behind the canyon they’re catching the very last run of the day here no that’s the way you do it all right Abby show them what great strides you’ve made today show us your your clean cuts whoo look at that barely even feet saying that oh my gosh you’re a rock star.

I keep telling her if she doesn’t fall she’s not pushing herself, and she hasn’t fallen today come on Abby let’s get that big full grain out in the hospital you’re not pushing yourself almost took a tumble. So my brother got jumped. But Ivan Liam basically.

I was trying to fight off some guys from taking my girls. But they got me good yeah some girls hurt some guys are harassing the girl that he was with other girls. I guess, and yeah that happened.

But you look nice yeah good story what do they know that we don’t know the last two runs of the day made the entire day worth it like it didn’t start off that well it was cloudy it was windy was. So cold. But then the Sun came out, and like the clouds that were earlier covering us got blown away, and like they made for such a beautiful landscape we were blown away he’s the looker of the family right now yeah he actually has staples on the back of his head too it’s really bad, and a fractured nose the bone came through the nose doesn’t matter what was your favorite part of the day yeah.

So this is what the Canadian winter starter kit looks like you got your chains you got your windshield that need some wiping it extends Oh avalanche avalanche five minutes later the windows are cleared we’re loaded ready to go. I’m ready to go. So let’s go we are at the top of the hill now, and we’re both through our first round of the day it’s even like worst visibility than yesterday.

But again as you guys saw yesterday like we kind of had our hopes low, and then all of a sudden all the clouds blew out of the way, and we have the most magnificent sunset. So hoping for similar day like that today. Because you got to make the most of it the visibility is not good hello hi.

I’m gonna trick a bird into thinking our food here bird banger is here today. I’m gonna be showing you one of the most ferocious creatures in all of Whistler. But first a message from our sponsors this is lost chocolate only available here be careful they bite oh here comes to me tree.

I’m lucky to be alive. But luckily. I’m very well trained in martial arts that’s the only reason.

I’m still alive. I sounded too much like a Brit they’re so good.

I hose it off a little bit nice after you scared it no one wants to participate in your games yeah they’re like no thanks. I’m good guys today was absolutely lit. I’m sorry every time.

I do that. I lose like five subscribers. But anyways amazing time here in Whistler we didn’t get the best weather that’s for sure.

But when the weather is perfect here like this is like one of the best things you can do in the entire world. We’ve adopted a child we almost adopted a child did you lose your parents, and like when we said that he had like any fun of a cry. And I’m like are you looking for your mommy she’s like he’s trying to fight off crying oh my gosh look how beautiful he is it’s pretty chilly.

I look like a potato this is like an enchanted winter village you got reindeers just waiting at the front of stores. I hope they’re being paid holiday rates am I right right independent dog that don’t need no ona independent man. I mean it’s a little over the top.

I mean Christmas isn’t for like 360 days, and yeah they’re already decorating for it come on guys we got to stop premature Christmas decorating it’s gotten out of hand much well Lord’s been decided. I’m getting these two things mfsl he owns Allah’s this complex isn’t al building everything you see everything’s is no touchies is my fazil it could be yours one day. But for now just my pizzelles popeye Leblanc all right we got Lululemon we got beers, and now Abby’s getting ice cream on her own you look.

So classy. So again real creative with the guys cooling down the beers. Because tonight is dumb a new night last night we played Abby my dad.

And I we were playing Domino’s, and they got really intense, and tonight it’s a rematch my mom, and my little brother had to go. Because as you saw yesterday my brother got very viciously attacked he had to be taken to the doctors to go get another check-up to make sure everything’s okay. I’m gonna talk to my dad about that later.

I think he’s fine though like they’re just concerned about concussion they’re obviously concerned about how the nose is gonna heal. And I know they repositioned it today. So I don’t know if that means like they had to rebrand, and then put position his nose or whatever.

But yeah not fun yeah. But on the bright side the beers are gonna be nice, and cold yeah. So that’s Abby’s car right there right below all that no these are an absolute Canadian necessity you gotta have your extremely deep boots oh it’s like being inside of a snow globe what.

So anyways. I got to do some uncovering of Abby’s car it’s a good thing she kept the winter chains on. Because we’re gonna have our time getting out of here this is so satisfying we’re in for a rough ride home. I think what should be like a two, and a half hour ride to get home. But with these conditions it could easily become four it’s took me four hours up here yeah it’s like all the traffic has stopped right there.

I saw a truck try to get past past a semi truck, and it just fishtails obviously there’s a massive patch of ice they’re like redirecting traffic here. I feel like this is like that show Ice Road Truckers like all these people going through a narrow little pass trying to get around but I really enjoy this.

I love this kind of hiding kind of looks like a winter wonderland right now. I think it’s kind of raining you’re getting pretty wet out there what are you doing down there good heavens what if she turned down there. So what outside now we’re getting the chains off the chains are good with the snow.

But as soon as you’re like on the the Hut okay get yourself a woman they can do both she does both oh good heavens Laurie you’re all wet well what have you been doing out there teamwork high-fives no let’s go get some hot chocolate.

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