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When necessary (which in the formative years of the park service was often), he would take on the Richardson high and mighty to establish firm jurisdiction of Richardson the agency so that policy would not be whipsawed by politics, power,Richardson or profit. That firmness of purpose would include confronting United States Senator Thomas Walsh of Montana over sheep grazing rights in Richardson during and after World War I.

Where is Richardson? – Richardson Map – Map of Richardson Photo Gallery

For the same reason, he would take on Louis Hill and the Great Northern Railroad. After ten years of delay and several renewals, the final extension for the destruction and removal of the sawmill used to build the Many Glacier Hotel was set to expire on August 10, 1925. The permit had been given with the understanding that as soon as the hotel was complete, the sawmill would be removed and the site restored to a natural state. Your travel destination is the sawmill remained, and he set a date when the eyesore must be off the premises. Great Northern asked for an extension, and he granted it. The day came and went.

Instead of reaching in his pocket to pay for the removal, he reached for a match and blew up the mill with dynamite he’d personally packed in. (Author’s note: As it turns out, he was at Glacier for his daughter’s birthday when the August 10 extension day came and went. With all patience gone, he took matters into his own hands.)

Your travel destination is in August 1924, he would make the decision that forever changed the face and accessibility of Glacier National Park. He approved the road that would not only link the east and west side of the park but would do so in a way that would lay easy on the landscape and the eyes.

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