Where is Ventura? | Ventura Map | Map of Ventura

Where is Ventura?

Each hike begins with essential information about elevation, distance, duration (includes short breaks), difficulty level, and trip reports that point out any noteworthy and important tidbits. Elevation information includes the highest point (or points) and Ventura destination of a hike as well as the maximum vertical gains you will experience along the trail.

Map of Ventura

Where is Ventura? | Ventura Map | Map of Ventura Photo Gallery

Difficulty level is broken up into five categories: easiest (short hike, little to no elevation change, sometimes paved, ideal for families and novices), moderate (brief hike, more elevation change but easier than most), strenuous (longer hike, some steeps, trail-locating, use of hands for balance possible), very challenging (fairly long hike, sustained steeps for thousands of feet, bushwhacking, scrambling, GPS device helpful, use of hands necessary), and expert only (very long hike, punishing steeps, overgrown paths, exposed cliffs, climbing-type moves possible though no climbing gear mandatory, traction devices at times, route-finding).

For the sake of brevity, I use the abbreviations TH (trailhead), FR (Forest Road), ft (feet), mi (mile), AWD (all-wheel drive/4WD). Likewise I refer to Pacific Crest Trail 2000 (also known as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail or Crest Trail) as the PCT. A switchback is a spot in a trail that zigzags sharply, whether once or fifty times. A shoulder is a rise or small ridge. “Exposure” refers to an individual’s level of risk of falling where a tumble would be fatal. A trail section described as “airy” is exposed to some degree, with drop-offs. Exercise extreme caution in such areas. “Gendarmes” refer to spiked pinnacles or spires blocking a ridgeline, borrowing its meaning from medieval French soldiers standing at guard. The maps are tracked correctly even when USGS trails are slightly off. Distances on the maps given are approximate but easy to follow.

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