Waffles all right good morning guys. I’m getting breakfast some things I’d never thought I’d eat for breakfast. But again this is Thailand.

So good news bad news good news is we’re going to compete now. I’m really excited it’s one of my favorite islands bad news is matt has food poisoning, and he’s not doing well whatsoever all right guys we have just checked out a sunrise tropical resort. We’ve been staying here for past few days, and it’s awesome like the tides in right now yesterday when we were at Mom’s restaurant.

I showed you guys that like 10 baht water. And I took like two sips, and that was enough for me. I said.

I thought it tasted a bit like chlorine, and you really have no idea where they’re getting that water from Italy could literally be top water. I’m not accusing them of that. But it’s a possibility, and this morning.

I have a tiny bit of stomach cramping. And I drank a bit of the water Matt drank quite a bit of the water, and he’s full-blown like food poisoning. So I would recommend paying the extra, and getting Nestle water or anything that is professionally packaged not just some Thai water that they call drinking water.

So we’re just waiting for our ferry we have a few more minutes enjoying the West End of railay alright time to load up the peepee Taurus we’re heading on a longtail goodbye really arrived in koh pipi, and we just got off the boat, and this is the PPP r it’s bit of madness as everyone gets off the boat. So this is the part of pipi. I don’t like being surrounded by people trying to slightly stop alright we just checked into PP casita.

Because he does on the backpacker side of the island. So it’s near the beach where there’s a fire parties the buckets the good stuff that happens. So pretty stoked in this place it looks nice let’s check out her place it’s beautiful oh alright guys.

KOH PHI PHI MAP Photo Gallery

So you come in from the quaint little village, and this is our place of pee-pee casita you got a nice little bathroom got a little table there you can chill out got a lockbox which is always good. I like having that the bathroom is good plain simple, and then this is Matt Matt’s feeling a bit better now, and the double bed not bad instant cafe. I actually really like this instant cafe Nescafe does a great job, and here is the pool @pp casita mantas become the brain oh good alright guys.

So we are now heading to the lookout points here in koh pipi, and this is Tamiko we found her on an island she was writing in the sand, and she’s joined us in koh pipi ok it’s no nature walk it’s literally all staircase oh yeah quite wide you can do it you’re almost there. I feel bad for complaining now this guy’s missing a leg, and he’s still doing it. So we just paid 30 BOTS get past the gate here.

I don’t know they charge money for no reason anytime there’s a view in Thailand expect to pay a few dollars. So we paid 30 baht you’re not allowed alcohol up here. So if you bring beer you’re not allowed to bring it up finish it first view points next to the Big Apple definitely could have gone without the koh pipi sign, and the apples.

But it’s a nice view okay this is exactly how I pictured a lookout, and koh pipi you can buy drinks up here too you this viewpoint is miserable. I mean.

I’m not saying don’t come see it. But expect to see kind of like a tourist trap viewpoint there’s so many people here taking selfies with selfie poles it’s just not really an authentic experience the Sun set wasn’t that great it got covered by clouds.

But then it kind of burned through, and turned the sky into like a beautiful pink cotton candy color. So that was kind of cool now Matt. And I are heading back to the hotel we’re gonna go.

I don’t know maybe shower maybe swim, and tonight we’re gonna go out around cookie feeding, and koh pipi is very well known for partying got buckets fire shows pretty much everything you need should be a lot of fun tonight all right guys we are going Blair. I’m Mitchell again. I’m wearing a game t-shirt same guy link his stuff below right as.

I started blogging Blair from Vancouver as well he’s also blogging as he travels through Southeast Asia walks down the street talk about quinces we’re going to the beach right now going to the fire show hello got my first bucket 200 you to meet Pepe you know good smelly is this is peppers anything see the fans peppers oh that’s my finger man he’s a biter okay let go please like a it’s only to plot, and things already shut down it’s the end of the blog for the night. I will see you guys tomorrow tomorrow’s a really good day we’re gonna go hang out around Co PP. I have no idea what we’ll do.

But it’s gonna be a good day see you guys tomorrow. I’ve literally had three dots now fly this close to my face. I thought they’re gonna get stuck in my hair.

I hate bats like. I like bats but I don’t like them flying near my face what are you.

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