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In the 1920’s to counter the left-wing communist right-wing fascism developed in Austria. The Christian Socialists established their own army, known as the Heimwehr (Home Defense Force) to defend Austria from Marxist. The Social Democratic party felt threatened and established their own army known as the Schutzbund (Defense League). The two armies regularly demonstrated against each other and during one such demonstration in 1927 when an old man and child were accidentally shot by right-wing participants who were brought to trial in Vienna and acquitted. In protest the Social Democrats organized mass demonstrations which resulted in the ministry of justice being burned down. The Social Democrats then called a general strike which was abandoned after only four days. The clashes between the two groups continued into the 1930’s when the Great Depression not only showed Austria’s economy but the world economy as

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renovation to repair the damage the Church suffered during WWII The Federal State of Austria: 1934-1938 (2 minutes)

Austria as Part of Nazi Germany: 1938-1945 (1 minute)

Engelbert Dollfuss formed a Christian Socialist Government under the First Republic on May 20, 1932. He seized the opportunity to take dictatorial power on March 4, 1933 when three presidents of the parliament resigned their positions in order to vote on a minor bill. Dollfuss used this opportunity to take power pointing out that the parliament had eliminated itself. The Parliament never met again and Dollfuss ruled the country by emergency measures. Hitler was establishing the Nazi regime in Germany in the spring of 1933 and desired to incorporate Austria into German.

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Dollfuss declared the Social Democratic Party and all other parities illegal except for the Fatherland Front which was established on May 20, 1933 to unite all conservative groups.

On May 1, 1934 a new Constitution was established forming the Federal State of Austria which was based on the fascist government of Italy. Dollfuss resisted the Nazi effort to unite Austria with Germany and was only able to do so with the help of Italy ruled by the fascist Benito Mussolini. Dollfuss ruled until July 25, 1934 when he was murdered by Nazis who took control of the chancellery in an attempted coup.

The coup was unsuccessful and Kurt von Schuschnigg became the second and last chancellor of the Federal State of Austria. Schuschnigg also resisted German takeover of Austria with the help of Italy. However, in 1936 Mussolini allied with Hitler. Schuschnigg negotiated a compromise with Hitler on July 11, 1936 German would continue to recognize Austria as an independent state in exchange for Austria acknowledging itself as “a German state.” This gave Nazis the opportunity to enter Austria which resulted in increased pressure for Austria to join with Germany. This resulted in Schuschnigg’s resignation and German troops occupying Austria and making it a part of Germany without resistance.

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