Safety Tips For Mexico Travel

Stop smoking.

Select a sensible route.

Plan for a gradual ascent. Pace yourself, do not try to climb too high too fast.

Take a few dayto acclimatise at your starting point.

Drink more fluidthan usual when travelling and at altitude.

Allow extra rest dayat intermediate altitudes. Aa general rule plan to stay one extra day and night after climbing 1000 metre(3,280 feet).

When travelling avoid alcohol or other stimulants.

Avoid using sleeping pillor any medication designed to relax you or help you to sleep.

Never travel alone.

Don’t try to carry too much.

Keep an eye on each other. If anyone sufferany symptoms, go back down.

Safety Tips For Holiday Traveling

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The human body iremarkably resilient. Within a few daywe can acclimatise to most conditions. You may have noticed when you go on holiday that a destination that feelcold or hot on arrival quite quickly startto feel ‘normal’. We can acclimatise to environmental changebut that acclimatisation usually takefrom one to a more usual four days.

You must understand that acclimatisation ia progressive process, which hato be completed in stages. For example, if you walk to 3,048 metre(10,000 feet) then stay there several dayyou will have acclimatised to that height. If you now walk higher up the mountain and reach 3,658 metre(12,000 feet), you will have to stop to acclimatise to the new altitude and environment.

Ayou acclimatise to altitude, your body will naturally make changeto compensate for the changearound you so that you can function at reduced air pressure with reduced oxygen. The altitude changeare:

Safety Tips For Jamaica Travel

• You will breathe deeper, taking more air in with each breath.

• The blood pressure in your lungwill increase, making more efficient use ot areaof your lungthat are not used normally.

• You will automatically produce more red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body.

• Chemical changetake place within your body so that it can more efficiently release and use oxygen.

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