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The hotel caracas guests to the jetty near the busy resort town of. The jetty is a 40 km (25 mi) drive from Nha Trang’s airport. The air conditioned car has WiFi onboard. All transfers are taken care of by the resort. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the journey. The boat features Six Senses’ signature green cushions. There are several healthy snacks onboard in case you would be hungry. The resort is located in a spectacular crescent-shaped bay. This is without any doubt one of the most magnificent hotel settings in the World. The entire bay is accessible to hotel guests only.

The dramatic cove with its towering mountains gives the feeling of a secluded island. The resort staff is waiting for us. Service at the hotel is top-notch, as you would expect from the ultra-luxe. Six Senses is one of them. The brand was founded by Sonu Shivdasani, the CEO of Soneva. Soneva and Six Senses now flourish independently. Both brands are world-famous for providing unique, innovative guest experiences. Six Senses has won numerous awards in the hotel industry. Six Senses hotels are always located in magnificent, isolated spots across the fabe. This is the welcome pavilion at the end of. Here, guests are welcomed by their Guest Experience Maker, Six Senses. First glimpse of the gold sand beach.

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I take a more detailed tour of the fabulous beach later in this post. Furnished with comfortable daybeds and bar stools, the bar remains open each evening. IMHO, the hotel is the best Six Senses property Its sister hotels, Six Senses Con Dao and Evason Ana Mandara, are highly renowned. Guests receive a welcome drink and. Next, they are whisked away to their villa by their Guest. Tip: enjoy free VIP amenities when booking via Virtuoso. These include an upgrade, daily breakfast, and massage (link below the post). Welcome amenities. Fresh fruits and a bottle of wine. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay’s weekly schedule of activities.

Each day, the resort hosts a range of complimentary and chargeable experiences. You find luxury at every turn. You will need to look far and wide to find a better bathroom. The upper floor features an open-sided and airy living area. It offers nice views of the East China Sea and represents a cool shelter from the heat. Music for my posts is provided by Epidemic Sound. This is one of my favorite tracks (name of track: “Deserted 2”). Music for my posts is provided by Epidemic Sound. The resort’s top accommodations are the water pool villas. Set on the edge of the water, these villas overlook Ninh Van Bay’s coral formations. Let’s explore the resort’s communal areas. Most facilities are located behind the beach, in the shade of the lush veget.

The location in a sheltered bay means that you can enjoy activities on water and on land. The lobby is located close to the Experience Center. The breezy reception pavilion features wood furniture and colorful cushiony. There’s a small courtyard lined by Six Senses boutique shops. Six Senses Gollery. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay has 3 restaurants in total. The restaurants’ names reflect their location: Dining By The Pool, Beach, & Rocks. Food at the resort is terrific, albeit expensive according to Vietnamese standards to lounge near their own. This is the resort’s main swimming pool area.

It’s always quiet here since most guests prefer it. Even the pool’s restrooms feature an The resort exudes a unique barefoot luxury ambience. Let’s continue the tour of the resort’s communal areas. The magnificent beach is located close to the pool area. The long stretch of gold-colored sand is magnificent. The total seclusion and idyllic setting make this one of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches. The sea is safe for swimming. The clear water has a delightful temperature. The clear water has a delightful temperature. The 2 km (1,2 mi) long bay is pure paradise. The cove is surrounded by impressive forested mountains.

I stayed at the resort in the month of May. Weather was very hot, with sunny, clear skies. The best time to visit the resort is December to March. These months provide dry weather with pleasant temperatures. The best time to visit the resort is December to March. The beach offers a nice view of the superb water villas. A stay in these havens of serenity will leave one totally enthralled. This outdoor dining venue offers spectacular sea views Dining By The Rocks also offers indoor seating in case of inclement weather . Cuisine is inspired by South-East Asian flavours.

Dining By The Rocks serves quality meat cuts and seafood sourced from local prodi. The resort’s southern end features Dining By The Bay. This restaurant spans over two levels with views across the bay. The “Ninh Van Bay” snorkeling trail. This is the sunset bar. This footage was taken in the early morning hour;. This is the restaurant’s temperature-controlled room Here, you find cheese, meats, sushi, salads, juices, and fruit. The skyscrapers of Nha Trang can be seen at the horizon. Nha Trang is home to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay’s sister resort, Evason Ana Mandara. I previously published a post of Evason Ana Mandara. You can find it in my Youtube folder Vietnam. Dinner at Dining By The Bay. International fusion cuisine is served at night. Dinner at Dining By The Pool.

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