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How To Make Your 3 Grand Last 3 Months Instead Of 3 Weeks

From selling my stuff and car I had around $10,000 which I figured would last me around 5 months in Thailand. My goal was to fly back every three months to work for a bit and come back again.

I did that the first time around – just to show everyone I was still alive.

Then I started prolonging my trips home. I stayed overseas for 6 months then, on the next trip, I stayed for an entire year. Ironically during that first three week trip, I blew around $3,000 stupidly. Since then I’ve figured out how to live – and train – for less than $1,000US a month and sometimes half of that.

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The trick is to live like a local and think long term Accommodation.

The apartment I’m staying in right now is 350 baht per night (around $11.66US); however, instead of paying nightly, I opted to pay the monthly rate of 4,000 baht a month ($134US).

Best of all it includes utilities, wifi and even once-a -week cleaning with new sheets, bedding and bath towels. If you do the math, paying the daily rate would have been much more than double which means, if you’re going to pay to stay somewhere for 12 nights, you might as well just pay for an entire month – it’ll be the same price.

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