How to Travel in TOKYO


On the outside we have arrived here well the Lumpur, and we’re just in the airline lounge which worked out.

So nicely. Because Abby. And I don’t have credit cards my credit cards over the limit.

And I can’t fit. Because I can’t even access my online banking. Because of fraud anyways long story short our banking is screwed up.

And So we had Abby’s mom’s credit card numbers, and Dorothy saved us. Because we came here, and they were able to just type in the credit card number without actually needing the card. And So we were able to get food cuz.

I thought we were gonna go like 14 16 hours without food luckily. We’ve got a burger. We’ve got a burger on the way, and after this we just found out seven hours started Japan which.

I don’t understand. So obviously when we left Bali we must have gone farther from Japan in this layover. So cuz it was six hours from from Bali, and now it’s seven hours to get to Japan.

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So anyways it’s gonna be a bit of a long day we’re gonna arrive at Japan at 10:30, and check-in to Katie, and Mark’s hotel. So Abby’s sister should be good it’s just about to take off here in Kuala Lumpur, and then close by the airline stewardess for Mexico town. So I will comply normal charities been ticketed we just arrived in Japan, and that was an extremely late over seven hours the longest flight have done in all of Asia Abby.

And I are at the metro station that runs through the airport, and the most complicated metro system. I’ve ever seen in my life. So complicated okay.

I think. I just put this in my money again this is very stressful like well not the airport station checking out, and getting like on to the real system yeah this is not like back home where you just like alright. I want to go to this station like there’s actually like a a web of networks, and there’s like overlapping station some of them are doping right now to us we’re late it’s like almost 12 o’clock here.

I should probably wrap before. I die she does close everything in this vending machine is. So foreign to me other than the Evian water.

So that is what we’re getting right now Joe. And I are super dehydrated, and we’re very lost in fuse right now. But hopefully we find a way to our hotel just.

So confusing what a nightmare oh my gosh like last line is about to run everything’s just. So different here like even the way the vending machines are set up all the brands are different there’s penguins everything emoji tape characters. And I just saw a pop-up on the vending machine it’s 17 degrees so.

We’ve been used to seeing like the coolest being like 25 degrees at night. So this is a whole almost 10 degrees 10 degrees nothing’s cheaper here everything’s way works better we’re we’re literally in a like a funhouse maze we don’t know where we’re going. But we’re getting off, and on of things.

And I think we’re heading in the right direction this is a nightmare like it absolute nightmare it’s the world’s biggest labyrinth. I actually think this is one of the world’s most complex subway systems ever made oh my gosh. And I think it’s close yeah it’s closed.

So we have to find another way around get out there. I have no idea as far as we possibly could via the monorail, and it was closed to take the final step or the final monorail connection to get to the hotel. So we’re just a cop though we should be at a hotel in like five minutes, and we’ll be meeting up with Katie, and Marc.

So we’re in a corner store here in Japan, and everything is weird like you don’t know if we can just squid or like octopus in your sandwich. I don’t really know. But you’re gonna have to get something to eat tonight.

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